Monipuolinen juhlatila luonnon keskellä Oulussa

Welcome to Johteenhovi

A versatile event venue in Hietasaari, Oulu

Our multi-functional facilities are suitable for all kinds of events. 

  • Banquet Hall for 100 people: Well equipped kitchen with all the basic equipment needed for catering even large events, including several coffee makers, two refrigerators, a stove and a large professional dishwasher. The banquet hall has access for the disabled. In addition a covered terrace with furniture. Own meals & drinks are allowed but don't forget that you can easily order catering through us!
  • Sauna building with a dressing room, showers and sauna for about 10 persons. In addition a covered terrace with furniture.
  • Pirtti building contains a spacious traditional Finnish dining hall with tables, a well equipped kitchen and several rooms, including accommodation units for about 8-10 persons.
  • Riihi building is a traditional wooden house with some countryside spirit. It includes a dance floor and lodging facilities for approximately 25 people (not in use in winter time)
  • Large grill house with a fridge, a gas grill and a wood stove. The grill house can facilitate about 35 people. In addition, there is a barbeque hut outside.
  • Our vast yard area offers multiple opportunities for outdoor games and recreational functions

The immediate vicinity of the venue is not inhabited and it is away from any thoroughfares. This makes Johteehovi a peaceful place for any event.

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You can easily order additional services through us, such as catering, hot tub, traditional Finnish wooden sauna, bounce castle, photographer's services, delegation transports etc.

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